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How-to use up any excess from your garden!

  • July 07, 2010
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Hey there gardeners,


 I hope everyone’s growing season is going fantastic! If you find yourself with excess produce that is going to waist please keep the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in mind and help feed the hungry with your surplus of produce.


The Food Bank is participating in Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR), a public service campaign of the Garden Writers Association of America (GWAA). PAR is a way for gardeners to help the community and fight hunger. Gardeners can grow extra specifically for the program or they may collect excess produce to donate. The Food Bank will connect the gardener to a local pantry or soup kitchen so they may drop off their donation at their convenience, as well as receipts. The gardener is to fill out the receipts with their name, the date, the agency they have dropped off to and the pounds that are being donated (this can be estimated), and mail or fax the receipts back to the Food Bank. The food bank will keep track of the pounds donated in order to measure the success of the program.


A gardener may also check out, a website that connects gardeners to food pantries near them. It is very user friendly for both the gardener and the food pantry. All the food pantry needs to do is register on the website, the gardeners can then enter their address and or zip code and the closest pantry to them will be shown via map and listing. There are currently 2,155 food pantries listed on nation wide.


If there are no pantries listed near you the Food Bank is happy to help! If you choose to find a pantry through, please still contact the Food Bank for receipts in order to participate in the program. 


For more information on how to be involved please contact Michelle Herrle at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank [email protected]  412-460-3663 X. 214   

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Thank you, Kbrink!

Thanks so much for this post!  It's a wonderful idea and one that I hope we will all take you up on!

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