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Backyard Blitz

Imagine creating a backyard oasis for food, wildlife, water quality, air quality, and relaxation.  The Backyard Blitz is a value-priced permaculture makeover of your urban landscape offered through a partnership between Steel City Soils, LLC and Octopus Organic Gardening LLC.

We specialize in turning lawns and weeds into beatiful, edible, landscapes and forest gardens.  Say goodbye to your wasteful lawn and plant something productive for your family's health, ecosystem, and your wallet.  A food producing 'forest garden' is a dynamic, resilent and useful addition to any yard or urban lot.

We'll work with you and other PGE volunteers to keep costs low and community education our main priority.

Find our coupon in the EcoCents book for a free urban lot permaculture review which includes a walkthrough and 1 hour consultation.

We offer:

  • Site Walk-through and 1-hour Preliminary Consult
  • Forest Garden Design and Planning Sessions
  • Soil Test Interpretations and Fertility Plans
  • Farm Process Design and Field Strategies
  • Design/Build Capabilites for any size Natural Landscaping projects

For more info see Steel City Soils' Services Page or call 412-992-8640

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