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  • NEWS: Large Scale Vegetable Garden Workshop, Discussion and Potluck

    Come for a gardening gathering at Megan Mally Pearlman's place! We will be having a vegetable garden discussion and will help Megan out if she has a little work we can do. This discussion will...

  • GET INSPIRED: My first seed ball attempt

      I followed wiggy's recepie for seed balls earlier this year. My mix:  clay from the farm, finished compost, starting soil, seeds, beneficial fungus powder I noticed that the seeds in seedballs took longer and...

  • HOW-TO: Seed Balls for the lazy farmer

    Making seed balls or bombs is a great way to plant large areas with little input, and can be used with any kinds of seeds and for many purposes.  The basic idea is to roll...

  • HOW-TO: Seed Saving for Beginners

    Hey I was browsing the Fedco Seed website.  It's a great resource for mail-order organic and heirlooms. Speaking of organic and heirlooms, I found this page too:  Seed saving for beginners

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